Acta Chromatographica publishes papers on all aspects of theory and practice of chromatography. These papers can be divided into three groups:
—- Revievs (which are written at the invitation of an Editor);
—- Original Research Papers; and
—- Short Communications.

Submission and Handling of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate to the Editor-in-Chief at the following adress:

Prof. Dr. Józef ¦liwiok
Institute of Chemistry
Silesian University
9, Szkolna Street
40-006 Katowice

Typing should be double-spaced with ca. 3 cm margins on all sides. After the proper external review the Editor-in-Chief will communicate directly with the Author concerning acceptance or otherwise of the paper.

Sending an extra diskette with the entire manuscript (if possible including tables and figures) edited under Ventura, ChiWriter, Word or WordPerfect will effectively speed up the publishing procedure and therefore it is welcomed by the editors.

Original Research Papers

These papers are typically between 5 and 15 pages in length, including tables, figure captions and references. Pages should be numbered through including the tables and figure captions. Type the references, tables and figure captions on separate pages following the text of the paper, in that sequence.

Short Communications

The main purpose of this kind of paper is rapid communication of brief (between 1 and 4 pages) and often preliminary research results.

Requirements Concerning Format and Style of Original Research Papers and Short Communications

Page 1

After the title of the paper, list the authors and give their affiliation and address. Mark with an asterisk that author to whom correspondence shoud be addressed.

Page 2

Summary: Always include a summary of the manuscript, typed on a separate page.

Page 3

Main text begins here; normally the following subdivisions should be adhered to: Introduction, Experimental, Results and Discussion, Conclusion (where appriopriate), References, Tables, Figures and Captions.


Figures should be glossy black and white photographs suitable for reproduction, or clear, distinct original ink drawings in black and white, ready for print. Only include the absolute minimum text in the figure. The size of the individual numbers and characters should be selected so that after reductions, their height is about 2 mm.


References cited in the text should be indicated by sequential numbers in square brackets and listed in the same manner. Examples of correct listing are given below:

[1] E. Stahl and P. J. Schorm, Z. Physiol. Chemie, 325, 263 (1961)
[2] A. Pollak in J. Sherma and B. Fried (eds), "“Handbook of Thin-Layer Chromatography”", Dekker, New York, 1990; pp.249-281
[3] F. Geiss, "“Fundamentals of Thin-Layer Chromatography (Planar Chromatography)"”, Hueting, Heidelberg, 1987
[4] Each autor (or co-author) of a published paper will receive one copy of the issue of interest free of charge.